Architectural Design Services

We specialize in designing custom homes and realizing ambitious renovations

Realize your home design vision

We create custom homes for trailblazers who find joy in taking the road less travelled. We cater to those with a passion for constant reinvention, who crave rich minimalism in design, yet appreciate the holistic elegance of natural materials. They find beauty in design eclecticism. The DSD School of Design is inspired by their originality. Our aesthetic is at once modern, transitional and traditional; creating the exceptional is a basic expectation in everything we do.

Renovations, Additions, Facade Upgrades

Part of the joy of architectural design is in reimagining existing homes, redefining their presence in a community with contemporary styling or adding new flare with dramatic enhancements. Our renovation, addition and façade upgrade services are comprehensive and detailed. The challenge of bringing an entirely new identity to a space is one we relish. 

3D Renderings

The only way to bring a dynamic vision to life is to render a concept on screen or paper and let the idea breathe. A delicate process of revision and refinement is next, but it’s those original drawings that set the foundation for creative achievement. Our detailed 3D rendering process is comprehensive and executed with precision to lay the foundation for the completed architectural and interior designs to follow.

3d rendering of architectural drawing
Architectural rendering of custom homes.

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Modern bungalow with horizontal stone, corner windows and wood soffit.

Interior Design Services

Let the inside of your home be a perfect reflection of your identity.

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