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A Final Design Destination:
The Last House

3,800 SQ. FT. | Mississauga, ON | Completed 2019

‘The Last House’ for the design-oriented homeowners

A mid-century modern glass bungalow

The most powerful aspect of this project is one that can not be fully appreciated through the photography. It’s the feeling you experience as you approach the home; the architectural design takes you on a journey.

A driveway was carved out of the heavily-wooded landscape on the far right side of the property. As you approach the home, the end of the garage is the first structural detail you see. Slowly, the home reveals itself. The interesting mix of materials and varying roof designs come into focus. The prominent glass bridge is clearly defined. The bold front door pops. The incredible backdrop of mature, lush trees is fully appreciated. Then you realize, you can see the pool from the driveway. The indoor-outdoor connection is all-consuming.

Architecturally this home is the epitome of visual clarity – structural beams on display, intense use of glass, raw and exposed concrete. Creating this visual masterpiece in a fluctuating climate (temperatures range from +30 degrees celsius to -30 degrees celsius) requires intense focus on the functional aspects of the design.

Contemporary bathroom with floating vanity, concrete countertop and wood floor.
Modern house with orange door, black frame windows and gray tile.

Design Approach

The Design Brief

“To feel the power of the environment”. With each design decision, the homeowners revisited this objective. They wanted to experience the beauty and serenity of their heavily-wooded, 1.4 acre property from each corner of their living space. They wanted a barrier-free environment; figuratively in terms of the intensity of the indoor-outdoor connection, and literally in terms of aging in place and accessible design. They wanted a midcentury modern design that was custom, contemporary and respectful of the mature landscape.

This home was titled ‘The Last House’ to reflect the importance of the design. After several custom builds over the past 30 years, this house was designed to be the homeowners’ final home. This approach affected many of the functional decisions, including the bungalow layout, the elevator, and the installation of solar panels; as well as many of the design adventures they chose to embark on, including the green wall, the modern wood burning fireplace, the pool/spa combination that runs 12 months a year and the 5-car garage that doesn’t overpower or detract from the beautiful, modern facade.

Interior Design: David Small Designs
Construction: Profile Custom Homes
Photography: Jason Hartog Photography

International Design and Architecture Awards logo.

Winner of Luxury Residence Canada at the design et al 2019 International Design & Architecture Awards.

Modern bungalow with horizontal stone, corner windows and wood soffit.

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