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The Blueprint

Welcome to our news archive. Learn the latest on recent projects, what we’re working on and discover ideas for your custom home design. 

The fine art of designing multi-generational custom homes

March 22, 2023
It’s difficult to imagine now, but there was a time when it was a given that multiple generations of a family would live together, whether out of cultural…

How Bill 23 could impact your custom home design project

March 16, 2023
One of the shared, longstanding complaints of both homeowners and their architectural designers—along with the contractor/builder community—are the…

Using interior design to create moods in your custom home

February 17, 2023
Having a custom home designed to suit your (and your family’s) lifestyle needs is an important factor in creating a forever residence—a place to live,…

Don’t be intimidated by a tough economy. Now is the time to design your custom home

December 20, 2022
When economic times are tough, it’s common for people to reconsider big-ticket items and future plans—including the design and eventual build of their…

How landscapes can help define a custom home

October 12, 2022
There are few things more Canadian than the iconic images that capture our country’s rugged beauty from coast to coast. The Rockies, the prairies, the…
Front elevation with gables, shingled roof and beige frame windows.

It takes a custom home designer to reimagine a residence

October 7, 2022
There’s something special about the unmistakable coherence of a well-designed custom home. From symmetry and massing to cladding and other architectural…

David Small Designs wins BILD Award for ‘Contemporary Living’

October 6, 2022
The most important honour for an architectural design firm specializing in custom homes is to watch our clients fall in love with a new space for the first…

Interior design as a tool to achieve our lifestyle goals

April 12, 2022
There are times when you walk into a space and understand that it’s different. You may not be able to explain exactly why. But it’s clear that the…
Front elevation with open front door, concrete steps and stone planter.

The Last House: An architectural design journey

January 24, 2022
If you had the opportunity to design and build the custom home of your dreams, what would it look like? How would it function—and how would it enable…

The award-winning Narrow Lot: A study in limited-space custom home design

October 1, 2021
As cities become denser and urban dwellers embrace the necessities of compact living, custom home designers will be encouraged to do more with less. Infill…

The Dusk Home plays to the rhythms of family life

October 1, 2021
As disciplines go, music and architecture share a great deal in common. Both require flow and harmony. They’re at their best when their creative energy…

The allure of lakeside cottage living

September 13, 2021
Canadian summers may be short-lived, but the draw of lakeside cottage living is one that makes it far easier to endure our seemingly endless, frigid winters.…