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Ice rink in backyard of modern home.

The Backyard Rink

David’s passion for hockey is only a close second to his love of architecture. When designing his current family home, one of the determining factors during the lot selection process was, “is there room for a backyard rink?”

For the past 6 years, David has constructed a 30ft x 53ft skating rink in his backyard. Complete with sideboards, hockey nets, a homeboni (a homemade Zamboni) and a Toronto Maple Leafs logo at centre ice, it has become an integral part of his home. From skating with his family to shooting practice with his daughter to pickup games with friends, David was determined to select a lot and design a home that allowed him to enjoy his favourite winter pastimes.

The backyard rink has become a popular addition to backyards across the GTA (check out Bert’s Sports annual backyard rink contest). They definitely add some outdoor fun during the cold winter months, but they also require regular maintenance.

David spends several nights a week keeping his rink in top form…

…and keeping the logo up to TML standards…

…and don’t forget the homeboni – some PVC piping, a piece of canvas, a drill, a hose, and a little ingenuity, and you’ve got yourself a homemade Zamboni…

Incorporating your lifestyle and interests into the design of your home is the true essence of custom home design – the creation of a home that reflects you, your family and your passions in life. Whether you’re incorporating your love of cottage living or a prized car collection into the design of your home, David will work with you to find creative ways to implement elements that will make your home unique to you.