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Traditional kitchen with breakfast bar, white countertop and tile backsplash.

A Home With Soul

In a meeting the other day, David described the process of designing a custom home as “creating a home with soul”.

We receive calls every week from potential clients who have been searching for a home, preferably a turn-key home, with the aesthetics that appeal to their design style and the layout the suits their lifestyle. They end up calling us once they realize that their ideal home isn’t easy to find.

There is obviously a convenience to buying a turn-key home versus a custom build, such as an earlier move in date and no permit process to deal with. In the end, the result can be a beautiful home, but it’s not a home that was designed with your lifestyle, design style and family in mind.

To embark on the custom home design process, patience is a requirement, but so is a sense of adventure. The process of designing your family home is exciting. From creating your wish list to seeing the first design concept to stepping into a home your ideas and inspirations created. With the right team in place, a team focused on creating a home that is a true reflection of you and your family, the result is a home with soul.

Below we’ve highlighted features of David Small designed homes that helped create the “soul” of the home.

Open concept living that is modern, while still being cozy and inviting
From the project The Coffee House.

Open concept kitchen with two islands, sinks and refrigerators. Ideal for a family who loves to entertain.
From the project The House Next Door.

A cozy basement with lots of natural light creates the ultimate family rec room.
From the project David’s House.

A double fireplace greets guest to create a warm welcome.
From the project Old Oakville.

A piano room designed to put a family heirloom on display.
From the project David’s House.