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Celebrating 1000 Projects

Today we signed on our 1000th project.

For the past 16 years David has been putting pencil to paper designing beautiful, functional custom homes; taking the ideas and inspirations of each client and turning them into a home that goes beyond their expectations. Today marks the 1000th time he will be doing this.

This milestone is more than just another project added to a list. It’s a reflection of 1000 clients who trusted David and our team with the design of their dream home; 1000 times our tremendous staff have turned a sketch into an intricate computerized drawing, 1000 times we’ve called a client to say, “we got your permit today!”, and 1000 times we’ve seen a drawing come to life.

This milestone celebrates our partners who have been with us since day one, individuals who have contributed to these 1000 projects either through their engineering expertise, knowledge of municipal bylaws or surveying skills.

This milestone recognizes that design matters. 1000 clients saw the value in creating something that goes beyond four walls and a roof. They saw value in creating a home that was visually impactful and mindful of its surroundings; that was designed with care, attention and thoughtfulness. They saw value in creating a home that was a true reflection of their lifestyle, design style and inspirations.

This milestone is a reflection of our gratitude to every person, company and client that has been a part of one or all of these 1000 projects. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We look forward to working with you on project 1001.