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Custom home floor plan.

The Power of Custom: Purchasing Floor Plans vs. Custom Home Design

Every now and again, we’re asked if the floor plans of our existing homes are for sale. At David Small Designs, all of our home designs are completely custom. While we love when someone is inspired by one of our designs, we’re happy to work that inspiration into their own custom design. Here are a few key reasons why we always recommend custom home design over buying floor plans:

All properties have particular zoning and setbacks. In other words, there can sometimes be substantial restrictions to a home design’s height or ground floor area, which an existing floor plan simply may not be compatible with. A custom home design constantly keeps these boundaries front of mind, resulting in a home that works harmoniously with its zoning rather than clashing with it.

Every property also has its own unique aesthetic, which is the culmination of everything from its natural elements (views, topography, sun orientation) to the look and feel of the surrounding neighbourhood. Our custom home designs are highly influenced by this aesthetic, the objective being to design a home that feels like it has always belonged on the property. We call it “organic architecture”: letting the characteristics of the land naturally guide the home design. Purchasing a floor plan, however, flips this idea on its head, resulting in a home that often needs to retrofit the property and can be at odds with its neighbours.

Most importantly, a custom home design is a reflection of the unique needs, lifestyle, and design style of the future homeowner. Floor plans intended for sale, on the other hand, are often generic and won’t satisfy all of your wants and needs like custom design would. If your goal is to design your dream home, our goal is to weave your passions and personality into the architecture, resulting in a home that is truly and uniquely you.

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A custom home in Mississauga, designed to meet the unique setbacks of the property. By David Small Designs.

A nearby creek greatly restricted the building area of this Mineola property, dictating the size and shape of the custom home design.

A custom home in Mississauga, shaped greatly by the nature of the property. By David Small Designs.

The natural beauty of the property influenced everything in this custom home design from its height to its style to its colour + materials.