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The Wow Factor

Have you ever driven by a house and had to slam on the brakes? There’s something about the house that you love, something that feels right. ⁠

Is it the roofline? ⁠
The colour and material selection? ⁠
The window layout and design? ⁠
The front entry? ⁠

The answer is yes. It’s all of the above. ⁠

To create the wow factor it means 1000 decisions were done right. It takes a keen eye and a respectful approach put all the puzzle pieces together. Proportion, scale, colour, and materials—the poetry of a beautiful home.⁠

This natural modern home is a standout. ⁠It represents 1000 design decisions done right. The roofline, the window placement, the integrated landscape features. It has stature without overpowering the property. It has presence without competing with the neighbourhood. Your eye is not darting to all the unique elements, but rather its at peace with the complete composition. ⁠

What makes this home truly special is that it represents the vision and inspiration of the family who enjoys the space everyday. Canadian singer Matt Dusk approached us several years back to design a home for his family. His goal was to embody the feel of a luxury hotel, while drawing inspiration from architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic prairie-style architecture. ⁠It was an honour to be selected to bring this vision to life and to create this timeless, and unique, custom family home.⁠

Click here for interior and exterior photos of The Dusk Home.