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The Economic Power of Architecture

Discovering the economic power of custom home design – where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts. ⁠

We don’t believe in the forever home.⁠

We believe in crafting a home that’s just right for you now, adapting to life’s changes. ⁠

With this approach, each design not only fits your life perfectly but holds economic power – living, loving, selling and repeating.⁠

The concept for David’s House began in 2009: a family home that blends the comfort and warmth of traditional design with modern detailing and open concept living. ⁠

In the 2000s, we noticed that homeowners were at either end of the architectural spectrum – they either leaned towards classical/traditional architecture (French Country, Georgian, Arts & Crafts), or opted for a cold, stark, boxy version of modern. We saw a way to merge the comforts of the classics, with the clean lines and indoor-outdoor connection of contemporary living. David used his personal residence to experiment with this natural modern approach.⁠

Natural modern home with flat roof, wood soffit and corner windows.

The architecture of David’s House is rooted in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style architecture; a design style celebrated for its integration with the natural environment. Low-sloping roof pitches mixed with flat roof areas, angled walls and exaggerated eave overhangs are defining characteristics of Prairie style architecture. They reinforce the extreme horizontality of the home which helps to ground the home to the property. Natural materials – stone, wood, glass – mass the exterior and further connect the home to the natural environment.⁠⁠

With 3,800 square feet of above grade living space, David’s House was one of the smaller homes in the neighbourhood. It sold in 2016 and broke real estate records for sale price. ⁠The profitability was in getting all the pieces just right. The end result was much greater than the sum of the parts. ⁠

Click here for exterior and interior photos of David’s House.