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Greatness Takes Time

Reflecting on a career shaped by purpose, guided by family legacy and fueled by an unwavering work ethic. Designing custom homes is not just a job; it’s a calling. ⁠

For the first few years, we were a cover band, emulating the great styles of the past. Now, we’re writing our own music. Creating unique custom designs that honour the past, but inspire the future. ⁠

Dive into insights from over 30 years in the industry—where mentorship meets craftsmanship.⁠ Greatness takes time.⁠

Natural Modern

Over 15 years ago we coined this term to describe a design style that combines the warmth of traditional design with a clean, modern aesthetic. This architectural style was our first venture into “writing our own music”. We used to meet with clients daily who loved modern design but couldn’t envision how a modern home could be warm, inviting and family-friendly. This was the motivation to create the Natural Modern design aesthetic – a style inspired by Prairie Style architecture, but enhanced by modern materials, indoor-outdoor connection, and a keen understanding of how the modern family flows and functions through their space. ⁠

Natural Modern a modern design style that can covert traditionalists. We hear this all this time – “I don’t like modern homes, but I love this house!” It’s not uncommon for us to have clients from years past who previously leaned traditional, come back to us with the desire for their next home to be modern. ⁠

We’ve had the pleasure of designing three custom homes for Damian Stevenson of Reign Custom Homes and his wife Ky (@homebuildhers). The first two were traditional homes, but for their third home (the one in the images below and featured here), they were inspired by David’s House and our natural modern aesthetic. ⁠