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Contemporary home with corner windows, copper siding and wood soffit.

Natural Modern Defined

‘Natural modern’ is a term we’ve coined to describe the unique architectural design of David’s House. To some, ‘natural modern’ is an oxymoron; a combination of contradictory terms. We saw it as the perfect descriptor for a design style that combines the aesthetic ideals of modern design with the warmth and elegance of a traditional home.

The ‘natural’ component of the style is two-part. Firstly, it’s the use of natural materials in the design; both on the exterior of the home, carried through to the interior. Natural stone, rich woods and copper add texture and definition to the façade. When used throughout the interior they create a seamless flow, blurring the lines between inside and outside. Secondly, ‘natural’ describes the way the design is integrated into the neighbourhood; the way it blends with its traditional surroundings and respects the community’s established character. It references the organic way the home is situated on the lot, mindful of the existing tree stand, designed to be “of the land” and not simply sitting on top of it.

The ‘modern’ aspect of ‘natural modern’ reflects the principles behind the design – clean lines, uncluttered space, visual clarity. It defines the simplicity of the design; flat or low sloping roof lines versus peaked rooflines with numerous gables, structural elements exposed rather than hidden behind ornate detailing, open floor plans as opposed to distinct room division.

Like any design style, ‘natural modern’ can be interpreted and applied in a variety of ways. Over the next several months we will be showcasing projects inspired by David’s House. Some of these projects are in the design phase, others in construction. All of the homes were influenced by ‘natural modern’ design, but like every custom home, the design style has been interpreted and applied in a way that reflects the lifestyle, inspirations and desires of the client.

In a neighbourhood where English Manor and Arts & Crafts reign, David’s House illustrates how natural materials, familiar massing and a thoughtful design process can integrate a modern home into a traditional neighbourhood.

This is David’s front foyer. The large expanses of glass, structural clarity of the staircase and industrial-inspired windows showcase the modern elements of the design.