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Misissauga house with natural stone, red brick and grey trim.

What’s a Bungaloft

A bungaloft is pretty much what it sounds like, a bungalow with a loft. Since its introduction 10+ years ago, there have been variations/configurations on the bungaloft, but the most common is a bungalow with an additional level created by jutting out a section in a steep bungalow-style roof.

From small, affordable homes to grand, luxury homes, the bungaloft style can fall into all categories. There are 2 common threads: the loft – the extra space that adds versatility to the design – and the master bedroom on the ground floor – a feature that allows the future saleability of the home to span demographics. Whether you’re a downsizing retiree or small but growing family, a bungaloft provides options for accommodating house guests, a nanny or older children slowly making the transition out of the family home.

Here’s an example of a luxury 4,600sf bungaloft we designed for a corner lot in Mississauga’s Lorne Park neighbourhood. The bungaloft style allowed the homeowner’s to get the intimacy and coziness of a bungalow, while still accommodating their desire for high ceilings and a separate space for their two children.

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