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The Secret Sauce

If you’re a designer, or an aspiring one, this video gives you unique insight into our design process…or as we like to call it, our secret sauce.⁠

Computerized drawings are great, but the two best tools for the act of creation are your pencil and your mind!⁠

When you put these two together you have an endless flow. You are consistently moving forward instead of making U-turn after U-turn. You never let one decision hijack the overall design.⁠

Something not working with the upstairs? Go back to the ground floor.⁠
Something not flowing with the backyard? Go back to the ground floor.⁠

This is our design cycle, an ever-evolving journey ensuring every detail is in harmony.⁠

Each design process starts with a site visit. Understanding the nuance of the property – views, topography, vegetation, sun orientation, neighbouring buildings. Next is property research – zoning bylaws, conservation authority restrictions. And then, most importantly, a detailed wish list meeting to understand the vision, lifestyle, and design style of the people who will get to enjoy the space every day.

We then put pencil to paper. A collaborative session of discussion and sketching allows the complexity of each design to be understood and ensures the optimal design solution is determined. Within two weeks from the wish list meeting, our team presents the initial design concept. A hand sketched vision for the ground floor, second floor, site plan and front elevation. This approach allows our designers to get their ideas on paper creatively and efficiently, fostering an intimate connection between mind and pencil.

Next…we develop the 3D model.