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Inclusive Design

Imagine a scenario where all the pieces of your dream home are scattered on your lawn—endless possibilities, but only one perfect arrangement for you. A great designer can filter through the options and determine the optimal solution. ⁠

Architecture sets the tone, providing a powerful platform for greatness in your life. It’s not only an investment into four walls, it’s an investment in a beautiful, safe space for life’s unfolding journey.⁠

When you have a blank canvas, how do you decide on your design inspiration? How do you filter through all the possibilities and determine your style? ⁠

Our advice is to focus on a feeling, not necessarily a style. How do you want your space to feel? Show us pictures of things you love– a door, a window, a material, a roofline. Don’t look for one home as your main inspiration, your dream home doesn’t exist yet. Identify features you’re drawn to and let us put the puzzle pieces together. ⁠

When David was designing his personal home, The Last House, he had endless possibilities at his fingertips. He ignored trends. He focused on the feeling of connectedness to the outdoors; to feel the power of the environment in each design decision. The result: a midcentury modern bungalow; a glass “bridge” that captures uninterrupted views of the property, with the skeletal steel structure fully on display; natural materials – inside and out; the primary suite designed to be a nest floating in the backyard.⁠

Nostalgia was also an important part of the design. The bright orangey-red front door can be seen from many angles within the home; it adds contrast and character and calls out the bold front door choices that David and his wife remember from the mid-century modern homes of their childhood.⁠

A custom home should be a reflection of you and your family– your values, your lifestyle, your design style. A beautifully design home empowers the people who get to enjoy the space each day.

Mississauga bungalow with metal roof, concrete walkway and wood soffit.