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Seamless Integration

Good design ensures flow and functionality; great design is about creating a feeling. ⁠

We craft homes for your unique journey. Starting from the street, envisioning the pathway to your intimate spaces, and transitioning to your outdoor living space.⁠

Home design is not confined to walls; it extends to the property boundaries, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.⁠

We believe in designing homes for the human experience. ⁠Creating a journey that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces.⁠

The Last House is David’s personal residence. David and his family wanted to experience the beauty and serenity of their heavily-wooded, 1.4 acre property from each corner of their living space. They wanted a barrier-free environment; figuratively in terms of the intensity of the indoor-outdoor connection, and literally in terms of aging in place and accessible design. They wanted a midcentury modern design that was custom, contemporary and respectful of the mature landscape.⁠

Contemporary home with flat roof, wood garage door and metal siding.⁠⁠
A driveway was carved out of the heavily-wooded landscape on the far right side of the property. As you approach the home, the end of the garage is the first structural detail you see. Slowly, the home reveals itself. The interesting mix of materials and varying roof designs come into focus. The prominent glass bridge is clearly defined. The bold front door pops. The incredible backdrop of mature, lush trees is fully appreciated. Then you realize, you can see the pool from the driveway. The indoor-outdoor connection is all-consuming.⁠

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