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The Curved Lot

5,300 SQ. FT. | Toronto, ON | Completed 2016

This stately home is a great example of a design forming a harmonious relationship with its property: in this case, a nearly-5,000 square foot corner lot.

The location of the property was unique, tucked into the intersection of a busy major road and a winding side street. As a result, the positioning of the home was equally unique, oriented to block out the negative noise and views and direct focus to the best attribute of the property: a curved side yard lined with beautifully matured trees.

The size of the home was another key consideration. With a ground floor area of over 3,000 square feet, the home and hardscaping stretch across the property, making the most of its width. However, great care was taken to ensure the home didn’t feel like it was dominating the land with its sheer size. The overall shape of the home played a crucial role here, taking on a slight angle at the garage in order to naturally reflect the curve of the property. Furthermore, large gables and a steeply pitched roof help conceal the second floor, giving the home an overall grounded, yet formal appearance.

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