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Classic Appeal

3,700 SQ. FT. | Etobicoke, ON | Completed 2016

The neighbourhood this home finds itself in is eclectic to say the least. It’s composed mainly of older family homes and a great deal of nature, with Etobicoke Creek within walking distance. Located on the cusp of a major freeway and industrial area, however, the neighbourhood also experiences the sprawl of commercial development, with apartment buildings and retail spaces just around the corner. The resulting design needed to respect the surrounding established homes, while also maintaining a timelessness that appealed to the area’s ongoing development.

The traditional design, therefore, aimed to capture the feel of a classic family home. Large gables and steep rooflines give the home a grounded, welcoming appeal, the entryway feeling like a small home in and of itself. A blend of brick and stone in the facade creates a mature, familiar look, with details such as angled pillars making the home seem rooted in the property. Meanwhile, the rear of the home features a large back porch, a balcony, and a basement walk-up, creating several links to the land and surrounding area.

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