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The Modern Castle

3,600 sq.ft. | Oakville, ON | Completed 2023

It’s always an exciting opportunity to work with a client for a second time, and equally so when the design is stylistically a vast departure from their previous home. This modern design still offers the presence evoked by their past traditional roots, yet on a much smaller scale.

The footprint is set back on the property, presenting grandeur from the street, while creating a more intimate backyard setting, giving the sense of an outdoor room. Each member of the front walkway is a highly articulated platform, a concept that’s carried on throughout the home, including the interior stair, where each component is magically separated from the other. The approach to the front entry is created using defined concrete steps and a platform, that appears to float over a “moat” of greenery to create a drawbridge feel and add a sense of journey as you enter, truly creating the feel of a modern castle.

A standout feature of this design is the office space, punctuated from the front of the home, also delivered on the interior. In the heart of the home, a skylight envelops nearly the entirety of the great room ceiling, and the glass dining area projects into the rear yard, creating a strong indoor-outdoor connection.

Even with a vast amount of glass, this home is among the first in Oakville to become Net Zero certified, achieved with the use of a geothermal heating system, large rooftop solar array and paying careful attention to the home’s HVAC system and building envelope.

Construction: Troika Custom Builders

Landscape Design: VBD Landscape Architecture

Photography: Jason Hartog Photography

Video: Helicopix

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