Our Process

Step three Design

First, we balance all factors from the pre-design phase to create the initial design concept: a presentation of the home's function, beauty, economy, and -- most importantly -- the custom elements that make the design unique to you .The initial design concept includes:

  • Front Elevation: 3D Rendering + Sketch Drawing
  • Ground + Second Floor Plans (including room dimensions, room layout and furniture placement)
  • Graphic Site Plan (how the home is situated on the property and connected to the outdoor amenities – driveway configuration, pool placement, terraces, porches, etc.)
  • Design 3D Rendering
  • Design Front View
  • Design Ground Floor Plan Zoomed Out
  • Design Second Floor Plan Zoomed Out
  • Design Overview Zoomed Out

Client feedback is incorporated into the next rendition of the design to create the developed design, which includes the rear and side elevations, along with the basement floor plan. We continue through as many rounds of feedback and revisions necessary for you to be 100% satisfied with your design.

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