Our Team

Whole Team Photo

David Small Designs started as a "slippers operation": one man working from home in his slippers. It’s since grown
into a family of over 30 designers, technicians, planners, and administrators, all of whom share the same passion:
designing beautiful, functional custom homes.

The Design Team

David leads the way. He is our principal designer, responsible for the core design of every home and renovation that leaves
our office. David works closely with his team of designers to develop and execute the design drawings, from sketch design
to full 3D renderings.

Design Team Photo

The Technical Team

Once you approve your design, Peter Giordano and his team of technicians and engineers develop the technical drawings
(a.k.a. the blueprints). In addition to holding the coveted position of being front and centre in this photo, Peter is also the voice on the other end of the phone if you or your builder have questions during construction.

Technical Team Photo

The Permit Team

Our dedicated team of planning technicians and project coordinators work diligently with municipalities and other governing bodies to acquire the necessary approvals and permits to bring your design to life.

Permit Team Photo

The Business Team

From operations to marketing to administration, this team allows everyone else to focus on their tasks at hand.

Business Team Photo

Co-­op Students

We believe it’s our duty to offer hands-on, educational work experiences for up-and-coming talent. Every term, we have at least three co-op students join our team: two from an Architectural or Interior Design program at the postsecondary level, and one from a local high school.