You are the David Small Design client. You have a collection of thoughts on what you want your dream home to look like. How you want it to feel and how you want it to function. You have all these ideas and criteria for your new home, but need someone to make your dream home a reality.


We provide

unmatched service.

We work

within your budget and limits.

We treat

you with respect.

We deliver

the home of your dreams.

Each David Small client is unique, and yet – no matter how different the project, from large to small, from renovation to dream home – the fundamental experience will be the same. The project will be conceived based on their individual needs. Not only does David follow the design styles and details that interest you, but he also learns about your lifestyle, your family and the elements of your home that will ensure it is a true reflection of you. Each project is executed to perfection with a high standard of creativity and efficiency. Each client is treated with respect and provided with exceptional service.


This is the reason that our clients often design several projects with DSD. Our service is unmatched. We work within the budget and limits that you establish. We treat you with respect. And we deliver the home of your dreams.



Here's what our clients are saying...


"I walked through all the rooms for the first time and am so ecstatic with the design. Every room is perfectly sized and placed. I'm sure you hear it all the time, but this is just a casual but very heart felt thank you! I love it!"
- Angie LaFontaine, Mississauga

“We’ve worked with David on over a dozen projects and his ability to craft stunning and different designs is always remarkable. From our muddled list of needs & wants, he seamlessly pulls together a flowing layout even incorporating bonus features reflecting upcoming trends. All without losing sight of functional details required for the construction to come together flawlessly.”
- Kelly Da Fonseca, Gardrose Custom Homes, Mississauga

“We love David and his team!! They have helped us transform a house into our dream home; not only from a design perspective but also have facilitated the navigation of obtaining building permits and regulatory approvals.”
– Max Thompson, Mississauga

“I appreciate everything the David Small Designs team did to get my building permit. It was great working with all of you…I really enjoyed the process.”
- Tamer Kamel, Mississauga

“I want to express to you how grateful I am to you and your staff for such amazing support. On a few occasions now I have needed help from your staff. On every occasion they have gone out of their way to be helpful, supportive and quick in their assistance. During the stressful times a building project can create, it means a great deal to have such a great team to work with.”
- Janesse McPhillips, King City

“First and foremost, many, many thanks to Dave for his extraordinary talent that turned our wishes into a beautiful home that we enjoy so much. Working with Dave throughout the entire design process, starting from “what would you like in your home” questionnaire, right through numbers of options, adjustments, ….you name it, ….he did it, was not only a great experience, but fun as well. Dave listens to his clients, turns your ideas into the right perspective. His attention to detail along with design/construction knowledge and experience matures into a solid design concept of its own, it feels like he knows what you’re looking for. Every aspect of the design, desire, and creativity contributed to making our dream home …a dream home. David, thank you! I must also touch on David’s team that actively participated in our project as well, their assistance with all aspects of construction/application process was professional, on time, and with courtesy, thank you all.”
- Anna & Artur Slowikowski, Mississauga

“We would love to show you our new home. We are so happy with the final outcome.”
- Dave & Liz Salt, Mississauga

“I cannot remember the drawings, I cannot remember the bull dozers, but I have my windows that I look through every day. It was worth every penny.”
- Allison Duff, Toronto